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5 cm [2012]

Five close friends have been together since high school. They have stuck together throughout the years. One fateful day, they decided to take a three-month break and not communicate with each other in any shape or form. Their lives immediately took on different courses, with each pursuing their own dreams while holding on to the memories of their close friendship. When the agreed-upon break was up, the five met up with great enthusiasm, deciding to celebrate the event by going on a challenging and dream-filled adventure. A meaningful journey to raise the national flag on the highest peak of Java on August 17th, Indonesia's Independence Day. A journey filled with struggles that deepened their love for Indonesia. A journey for the sake of dreams, friendship and love, a journey of the heart that would forever transform their lives.

Genre: Romance, Drama, Adventure Category: Movie Country: Indonesia Year: 2012 Views: 1022 views Release: Monday, 10 Dec 2012 Rating: 7.2/10.0Duration: 125 Language: Indonesian Cast: Herjunot Ali, Fedi Nuril, Pevita Pearce, Saykoji, Raline Shah, Denny Sumargo, Firrina Sinatrya, Happy Salma, Rima Melati Adams, Didi Petet Quality: Bluray, WEB-DL
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